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Why is digital presence so important for your business?

Visibility – Your small business can’t be everywhere. With a digital presence, it can. Your
business can be seen by thousands of potential customers in the search engines, on social
media and in industry forums where people can learn what your business is about.

Authority – Having a digital presence and using it effectively can make you an authority in
your industry. From publishing informative content to posting videos, your digital presence
can show customers why they should rely on you.

Reputation – The first impression the customer gets of you and your business will last
forever. In the real world, we can’t always control the impression we leave with customers as
there are so many variables. You can, however, control your online reputation through your
digital presence. A news article on reputed news channels will get your business noticed and
will plant a good first impression in your industry and potential clients.


Profile Verification: In the era of social media, companies and individuals want to get their
profiles verified on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram (Blue Tick). Apart from social media,
Wikipedia page creation needs a minimum of 10 to 12 premium news links.

Google Search Results: Potential clients searching for your products and services over
Google may land to your competitor site. News articles about your product/services published
on premium news channels (properly tagged) will always appear on the top of search engine
results. However, the Google algorithm is dominated by a number of clicks and bounce rates.

Site Backlinks: Your website and app links available on various news sites with a do-follow
link, strengthen your domain authority and create backlinks for your website. It is also very
useful in page ranking as the presence of the   presence of blogs and news articles are one of the
factors in Google ranking of a website.

> News publication report will be shared 24 hours of post publication
> Single High-Resolution Image in landscape format is mandatory
> News Content is limited to 700 words
> Video link is not permitted
> Read all the terms and conditions mentioned in the contract or discuss with The Social Trunk Team  Member